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11-15 October, 2021

Blue Vortex with Franziska Dieterich 




Blue Vortex II: Sympathicus

This workshop offers an introduction into the Polyvagal theory of Stephen Porges. We will be working on our own set of tools from Somatic experiencing. We‘re approaching and researching a gateway to understanding our autonomic nervous system, entering through a door to the system of the Sympathicus through a collective practice of activation and playing with fight and flight experiences.

The work is being contained and surrounded by beautiful nature. By guiding stable structures within uncertainty, as what life is, we experience each other in a conscious and awake state. The Blue Vortexes* in and outside of us allow to step further into the deep nature of us, which is the beauty and astonishing power of our need to survive.

We will establish routines – out of an integration toolbox inhabiting practices of Qigong, Shiatsu, Cranial Sacral, Martial Arts, meditation,voicing and more. We‘re also sharing additional theoretical knowledge on the basic function of ANS, social behavior, trauma, triune brain, which further supports connecting borders and our need for safety.

We‘re reaching this in a non linear way, through physical and spoken dialogue, by shifting perspectives and joining principals contained and with body time. We‘re doing this surrounded by our wider outside environment of earth, sky, water and plants and all other species with or without legs, wings and fins.

We‘re building a community of rhythms and liquids, sensations and movements, affects and effect, memories, thoughts and patterns, organs, tissue, muscles and bones, connected through pain, pleasure and breath.


As we ask for your safety and for the safety of others in this week, it is important that you are centered and emotionally balanced to attend this workshop. If you are experiencing present trauma, please seek professional help and join us at another time.

If you‘re interested in participating and have further questions, please contact Franziska Dieterich (email), or for any organisational matters write us an email to

Please also check out the workshop Blue Vortex I: Ventral and Dorsal Vagus, happening in June. You must not have taken the previous workshop to attend, but we highly recommend to participate in both.


* Blue vortex: Part of the termini of somatic experience by Peter Levine, the counterbalance and resources to the Red Vortex.

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